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20 years of


We have the know-how you need.


Provoke Ink is a multidisciplinary creative studio that combines expertise in visual communication, advertising, and brand development.

Our approach is centered around the idea that strategy and insights make creativity connect with the audience.

By fostering deeply collaborative relationships with our clients, we develop a unified strategy that crafts compelling 'visual stories.' Leveraging 360° high-end design solutions, we amplify a brand's core message across a diverse range of mediums for maximum impact


Welcome to PROVOKE INK, the face behind Moux Ismail's (MO) creative endeavors. Founded and directed by Moux, a seasoned Creative Director with over 20 years of experience in advertising, branding, and design, Provoke Ink serves as the living extension of his creative ethos.

We are not just another design studio; we are a visionary force committed to crafting future brands. At Provoke Ink, we push boundaries and challenge the norm to carve out unique brand identities that resonate and endure.

Moux has spent his career mastering the delicate balance between creativity and strategy, traversing sectors from FMCG to hospitality. His rich experience is now channeled into Provoke Ink, where, along with a network of skilled partners and talented teams, we aim to create not just branding solutions but meaningful experiences and lasting impact.

Want to know more about Moux, the visionary behind Provoke Ink? Read his extended bio here.

Center-Brained Solutions: Crafting Unique Results

Forget the old notion of being strictly right-brained or left-brained; we're center-brained innovators. What does that mean? Well, let us explain.

We believe that true creativity is a fusion of purpose, strategy, and passion. This balanced approach allows us to seamlessly oscillate between analytical and imaginative thinking, keeping us on course to deliver results that are not only compelling but uniquely creative.

What We Do

A multidisciplinary creative studio that combines strategic brand development, visual communication, and advertising expertise to manage and evolve brands, create clarity, and stay relevant in a world of dynamic change.

We work with brands and businesses to unlock their competitive advantage and accelerate their growth in the connected world.

We create effective strategies, powerful identities, impactful packaging, captivating visual stories, engaging digital interactions, and memorable experiences to connect brands & businesses with their audience in the connected world.

Our prerogative is to help you take your business to the next level, whether you represent a startup, evolving, or established business.




At Provoke Ink, our name represents the very essence of our creative branding studio: the ability to provoke questions, ignite inspiration, and manifest impactful ideas through the power of creative thinking. We chose Provoke Ink to signify our dedication to pushing boundaries and showcase our belief in the transformative impact of creativity and strategic thinking.


Here's why we chose "Provoke Ink", and why you should too:

1. Fearless Provocation:

We believe that the most effective brands are those that challenge conventions and evoke emotions, stimulating curiosity and fostering meaningful connections. Provoke Ink embodies our commitment to being a fearless catalyst for change, pushing the envelope and inspiring our clients to think beyond the ordinary.

2. The Power of Ink:

Throughout human history, Ink has been a vital medium for expressing and preserving ideas. It symbolizes the physical manifestation of abstract concepts, enabling us to bring creative visions to life. It symbolizes permanence and commitment, representing the lasting impact we strive to create with our branding services. By choosing Provoke Ink, we emphasize our expertise in crafting memorable brand experiences that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

3. Collaboration and Success:

At Provoke Ink, we prioritize collaboration with our clients, ensuring that their brand stories are engaging, strategically aligned, and uniquely tailored to their needs. Our commitment to provoking the right questions and finding creative answers allows us to ink the success of our clients' brands, helping them flourish in a competitive market.

4. Lasting Impressions:

The fusion of provocation and Ink in our name highlights our ability to create unforgettable brand narratives that resonate deeply with consumers. By choosing Provoke Ink, we pledge to deliver branding solutions that stand out and make a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

5. Creativity and Innovation:

Provoke Ink is a testament to our belief in the limitless potential of human creativity and innovation. Our name serves as a constant reminder that we will never settle for mediocrity, always striving to craft brand stories that break new ground and redefine the world of branding.

Choosing Provoke Ink means partnering with a creative branding studio driven by a desire to push boundaries, defy expectations, and make a lasting impact in the world of branding. Our name is our commitment to our clients and ourselves to be a creative force that provokes change and empowers businesses to connect with their audiences in ways that leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds in the connected world.

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